What is Spinal Stenosis – Not enough space in this spine for both of us

Welcome back amazing nerds. Today’s text aims at continuing to inform about the most common musculoskeletal complaint: back pain. More specifically, it is about a pathology that can be linked to back pain, can sound really scary, and sometimes is not well understood even by healthcare professionals. I’m going to be discussing spinal stenosis. IContinue reading “What is Spinal Stenosis – Not enough space in this spine for both of us”

Bias in Research: Not all studies are created equal

Hello again. In the last post, I explored some of the more common biases that affect our perception of what we experience in our daily clinical practice, and how these limit the conclusions and generalisations we can make from our clinical experience. If you haven’t already, I recommend reading it here before starting this one.Continue reading “Bias in Research: Not all studies are created equal”

Dealing with Humans, Dealing with Complexity

The assumption that training principles applied to pain and associated disability is yet another sign of our deep craving for defined, guiding reasoning structures – from A we progress to B, from D we regress to C etc… It reflects our inner aversion to complexity, to subjectivity. But in reality, we are all these complexContinue reading “Dealing with Humans, Dealing with Complexity”

The myth of “Text Neck”

The content of this post was originally going to be included in the text on myths surrounding back pain (link to post), however because it is a somewhat complex topic and it will take some explanation to get my point across, it ended up developing into a topic worthy of its own text. This timeContinue reading “The myth of “Text Neck””

The Pre-Socratics part 6 – Caring about Health

Welcome to another text where we continue our journey through the philosophers who developed the ideas that inspired most of our own at present. Today we are going to explore a name that may not be as obscure as the ones before: Hippocrates. Giving some justification to my personal interest in philosophy, in ancient Greece,Continue reading “The Pre-Socratics part 6 – Caring about Health”

Back Pain Myth 3 – You have bad posture

In this text, I’m back to continue looking at some of the myths surrounding lower back pain.  This time I’m looking at one of the myths that is very ingrained into our day-to-day life, from how we sleep, how we walk, how we dress, how we eat, how we work, and even how we doContinue reading “Back Pain Myth 3 – You have bad posture”

Back Pain Myth 2 – Scan it

I’ll again be looking at some of the myths surrounding back pain and our spine. If you haven’t already, I advise you to read part 1 as in it I explain why these myths can be bad for you and why I think it is important to address them. In it, I have given anContinue reading “Back Pain Myth 2 – Scan it”

Back Pain Myth 1 – Something is broken

This is text will be the first in a series through which I want to address some myths that are still very prevalent in our society, be it in you, member of the general public, or among health care professionals. Why am I focusing on back pain? The 2015 Global Burden of Disease Study identifiedContinue reading “Back Pain Myth 1 – Something is broken”

Exercise: The ignored wonderpill

 Exercise has been more popular than ever. For some years it’s been the thing everyone in healthcare talks about. During the first lockdown one of the trendy things was to join some type of online exercise group or do a zoom workout with your buddies. Either that or you got into making bread (is itContinue reading “Exercise: The ignored wonderpill”

The World Shall Know Pain – Part 2

Today we’re picking back up where we last left in our journey to better understand the experience of pain. If you haven’t, I strongly recommend you go and read part 1 so you have a good understanding where we are in this analysis and how we got here. I’ve also been made aware that thereContinue reading “The World Shall Know Pain – Part 2”