The Pre-Socratics part 7 – The Sophists

In this next text through the history of philosophy we will be looking at a controversial, but influential group. Most of the information we have about this group comes to us from the writings of Plato, who didn’t like them very much (Kenny, 2010). So this biased view is something we have to keep inContinue reading “The Pre-Socratics part 7 – The Sophists”

The Pre-Socratics part 6 – Caring about Health

Welcome to another text where we continue our journey through the philosophers who developed the ideas that inspired most of our own at present. Today we are going to explore a name that may not be as obscure as the ones before: Hippocrates. Giving some justification to my personal interest in philosophy, in ancient Greece,Continue reading “The Pre-Socratics part 6 – Caring about Health”

The Pre-Socratics part 5 – Love and Strife make the world go around

Today I will be writing about a very interesting, even legendary, pre-socratic philosopher: Empedocles. He was from Acragas, in the South of Sicily, and considered himself to be a god (Adamson, 2014; Kenny, 2010; Russell, 1946). This, of course, lead to tales of him being able to perform miracles such as controlling the winds orContinue reading “The Pre-Socratics part 5 – Love and Strife make the world go around”

The Pre-Socratics part 4 – Mixing things up

Often, Athens is considered to be the cradle of Greek philosophy. However, you have by now probably noticed that none of the philosophers we have looked at so far as come from Athens, or even have spent a lot of their time there. Anaxagoras was the first philosopher to have spent most of his timeContinue reading “The Pre-Socratics part 4 – Mixing things up”

The Pre-Socratics part 3 – Atomic theories

Welcome back to our exploration of the beginning and development of philosophy. In this text, I will be discussing an idea that originated with the ancient Greek philosophers and has actually been shown to be true by modern science – the idea that all bodies (living and non-living) are composed of very small particles thatContinue reading “The Pre-Socratics part 3 – Atomic theories”

The Pre-Socratics part 2 – All is One, One is All

Welcome back to our delve into the world of philosophy in search of were a lot of our present day ideas have originated from and the search for knowledge has developed over the years. Last time we had finished learning the origin and meaning of the word ‘philosophy’ itself and pondering on some of theContinue reading “The Pre-Socratics part 2 – All is One, One is All”