Critical Thinking

I’m a curious person and like to learn as much as I can. Due to this, I sometimes look into things that don’t come directly under either philosophy or physiotherapy.

This is where I will be posting texts on said topics. I do promise that while trying to satiate my curiosity, I will maintain the rigor of other types of texts, looking up evidence and sources for the ideas or arguments I will be putting forward. Hope you’re as curious as me.


Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice part 2: Framework for Understanding

This text is the second part of my attempt at introducing you to evidence-based practice and making this process generally better understood by everyone. If you haven’t already, check part 1 before reading this one to understand why we can’t just rely on our own thought processes to gather knowledge about the world and makeContinue reading “Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice part 2: Framework for Understanding”

Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice part 1: Flawed Opinions

Hi everyone. This text opens up a new realm of topics compared to what I’ve written about so far. It is still very relevant to and needed in physiotherapy, and I also can’t fully separate these topics from philosophy. I will be attempting to explain what is evidence-based practice, why it is needed in healthcare,Continue reading “Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice part 1: Flawed Opinions”

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