Critical Thinking

I’m a curious person and like to learn as much as I can. Due to this, I sometimes look into things that don’t come directly under either philosophy or physiotherapy.

This is where I will be posting texts on said topics. I do promise that while trying to satiate my curiosity, I will maintain the rigor of other types of texts, looking up evidence and sources for the ideas or arguments I will be putting forward. Hope you’re as curious as me.


Bias in Research: Not all studies are created equal

Hello again. In the last post, I explored some of the more common biases that affect our perception of what we experience in our daily clinical practice, and how these limit the conclusions and generalisations we can make from our clinical experience. If you haven’t already, I recommend reading it here before starting this one.…

Dealing with Humans, Dealing with Complexity

The assumption that training principles applied to pain and associated disability is yet another sign of our deep craving for defined, guiding reasoning structures – from A we progress to B, from D we regress to C etc… It reflects our inner aversion to complexity, to subjectivity. But in reality, we are all these complex…

Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice part 1: Flawed Opinions

Hi everyone. This text opens up a new realm of topics compared to what I’ve written about so far. It is still very relevant to and needed in physiotherapy, and I also can’t fully separate these topics from philosophy. I will be attempting to explain what is evidence-based practice, why it is needed in healthcare,…

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