If you came into this site expecting to read something written by a very intelligent person, I’m sorry to disappoint you, this is the wrong place.

I’m someone who enjoys learning, especially because I’m aware of how dumb I am and how many things I still have to learn.

This website is aimed at recording and sharing that learning journey.  I trained and work as a Physiotherapist, currently proud to say I am a chartered Physiotherapist working in the NHS with musculoskeletal pathologies. As such have an interest in health and exercise, as well interests in philosophy, critical thinking and research.

I will apologize once again if any of what I said made you assume that this site will give you all the answers you want about these topics. I will likely be providing more questions than answers. However, there is value in asking good questions.

If you are a fellow nerd who enjoys thinking and we stick together in pondering about these many questions, it might be that in the future we will both learn something.

Tiago, The Physiolosopher

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